Why JGC?

Japan GATE Center wishes to fulfill gaps by creating a center where information about Japan, and also the complete support prior to leaving Nepal is offered. Besides, we aim to establish a robust exchange of faculty, professionals, and students who will be coming to JGC, to learn and teach in Nepal so that mutual benefit can be created. The model we imagine is similar to International House but limited to the students and faculties between Nepal and Japan. We strongly believe that only through quality education, sustainability awareness, entrepreneurship, consciousness in work ethics, and profound values are some of the key elements of transformation, and we firmly believe Nepal can realize its full potential if we lead our younger generations to such opportunities.


Role of Support Organization Before Going To Japan

We provide assistance in an application for issuance of a COE or application for permission to change the status of residence. Your residence status will be processed by our affiliated and reliable specialists.
The person in charge of support meets with foreign nationals and their supervisors on a regular basis (at least once every three months) and reports any violations of the Labor Standards Act.
Assistance in finding a new job in the event of termination of employment for reasons beyond the company's control, preparation of letters of recommendation, etc., as well as provision of paid leave for job search and information on necessary administrative procedures.
After concluding an employment contract and before applying for a Certificate of Eligibility or Change of Status of Residence, explanation of work conditions, activities, entry procedures, and whether or not insurance money will be collected, etc., in person or by videophone.
Transportation to and from the airport security checkpoint upon return and Transportation to and from the airport, office, or residence upon arrival in Japan.

Role of Support Organization After Arriving In Japan

We provide assistance in transportation to and from the airport security checkpoint upon return. We also provide transportation to and from the airport, office, or residence upon arrival in Japan.
Information and assistance for participation in events such as neighborhood associations and other opportunities for interaction among local residents, local festivals, etc.
Responding to consultations and complaints in the workplace and in daily life in a language that can be fully understood by foreigners, and providing necessary advice and guidance according to the content.
Explanation of Japanese rules and manners, how to use public institutions and contact information, and what to do in case of a disaster, etc., to ensure a smooth social life
Accompanying and assisting in the preparation of documents for residential, social insurance, tax, and other procedures as needed
We provide assistance to you to become a co-signer, provide company housing, etc. and we help in opening bank accounts, etc., guiding cell phone and lifeline contracts, etc., and assisting with various procedures.
Enrollment information for Japanese language classes, provision of information on Japanese learning materials, etc.