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Japan is Nepal’s leading support for infrastructure, agriculture, historic monuments, education, and agriculture just to name a few. In this pretext, significant numbers of Nepalese students are also choosing Japan as their preferred destination to study and learn. However, the number of success stories could be definitely bigger.

Going to Japan and succeeding requires a significant understanding of the language, culture, and understanding of Japanese values, and social fabrics. Most private institutes that are engaged in providing students to Japan are motivated by the student number which is obviously a goal of a business but many students without sufficient preparedness also lose the opportunity to gain from Japan. Besides, enrollment in higher education and research, the number is very limited. We wish to fill that gap. Japan GATE Center wishes to fulfill these gaps by creating a center where information about Japan, and also the complete support prior to leaving Nepal is offered. Besides, we aim to establish a robust exchange of faculty, professionals, and students who will be coming to JGC, to learn and teach in Nepal so that mutual benefit can be created. The model we imagine is similar to International House but limited to the students and faculties between Nepal and Japan. We strongly believe that only through quality education, sustainability awareness, entrepreneurship, consciousness in work ethics, and profound values are some of the key elements of transformation, and we firmly believe Nepal can realize its full potential if we lead our younger generations to such opportunities.

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