About SSW

In April 2019, Japan established a new status of residence, "Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)", to welcome capable specialists from overseas countries to work in certain Japanese industrial fields, to function as workers ready to take on jobs without prior training. This page will introduce information for those that want to play an active role in Japan by making use of the expertise and skills they have cultivated so far.

Visa Information

As a general rule, foreign nationals who intends to enter into Japan must acquire a "visa" at the Embassy of Japan (an organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the headquarters for Japanese Government representatives serving) in a foreign country, but this does not mean that you are guaranteed entry into Japan if obtaining a visa. When you arrive in Japan, you need to undergo the necessary examination by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan at the airport and acquire a "Status of Residence" according to the activity you are trying to conduct in Japan. In light of this, acquisition of "visa" and "Status of Residence" are separate procedures that fall under the jurisdiction of different organizations. The SSW introduced on this page is a type of newly established "Status of Residence".

To know more about SSW, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: What is the SSW ? | Japan is looking for Specified Skilled Workers! ( 

SSW Categories

1. Nursing care
2. Building Cleaning
3. Material Industry
4. Machinery Manufacturing
5. Electrical and electronics information related
6. Construction
7. Shipbuilding and Marine Industry
8. Automobile Maintenance
9. Aviation
10. Accommodation
11. Agriculture
12. Fishing
13. Food and Beverage Manufacturing
14. Food Service

SSW We Specialize in

Physical care, etc. (assistance with bathing, eating, and excretion, etc.) and incidental support work (assistance with recreation and functional training, etc.) Not applicable to visiting services.
Cultivating agriculture in general Livestock farming in general (Management, collection, shipping, and sorting of stock products, etc.)
Provision of accommodation services such as front desk, planning, public relations, customer service, and restaurant services
General restaurant business (food preparation, customer service, store management) General restaurant business (food preparation, customer service, store management)